Hijri Calender

We know that history is one of the most important sources of documentation in digital content, especially in our Islamic society.

For the necessity of having the Hijri date in the sites that are developed for the customers, the team found a repetition in the development process so that each developer rewrites the code in the projects that are implemented and the decision is to standardize the work with a special model for Alhajri in order to accelerate the work and avoid the mistakes that may occur from the process of repetition. The team decided that the development should begin and be available on the Drupal site so that it would like to have the model in place and serve the community of developers around the world.

I will talk about the stages of experience and difficulties that the team has been able to overcome and achieve success that all the world can benefit from.

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45 Minutes


Raed Alkhuraiji
King Saud University